Teaching Embodied Intelligence Foundations Workshop

Embodied Intelligence Foundations Online Course

This 6-week workshop is designed to provide a foundational intellectual framework to help participant understand our body, heart, and mind intelligence and ground the learning in experiential practices. We will identify root causes and symptoms of why we get imbalanced and its impact on our lives, our body, and on our relationships. We will learn simple tools and practices to bring these centers back into alignment based in neuroscience, perennial wisdom, psychology, and Enneagram theory.

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12-Week Enneagram Small Group:
"Vices, Virtues, & Fixations, Oh My!"

Transforming our Emotional and Mental Habits that Keep us Stuck

This offering is for those who have a basic understanding of the 9 types and desire to explore in community the core strategies, emotional and mental patterns that keep us entangled in our false self narratives and behaviors. This group will also explore the gifts and strengths that we inhabit naturally the more present we are. This small group will dive into shadow and light qualities in service of freeing oneself from unhealthy habitual patterns and growing our capacity for inner freedom, belonging, compassion, and attuned action.


 Enneagram Seekers Group:
Path to Presence

This co creative group is designed for those who are new and old to the Enneagram with a  common purpose to use this powerful wisdom tool for self growth, exploration, and presence  in a committed and supportive community.


Breath as an Anchor
for Well Being


If you have been curious about learning about your breath and a practice that will energize, release tension, decrease anxiety and stress, and promote well being this 2.5-hour workshop is for you. (Limit of 12 participants.)


8-Week Enneagram
Introductory Workshop

Curious about the Enneagram? Or maybe you have a basic understanding or seen the memes and want to go deeper in your exploration within a safe and supportive community. This workshop offers digestible amounts of the Enneagram, laying an intellectual framework balanced with experiential practices to integrate the learning and exploration over 8 weeks.

conflict resolution

Increasing Conflict Resolution Skills through the Enneagram

The Enneagram offers us insight into 3 styles of communication for handling conflict and coping with difficulty among the 9 psychological types. This workshop expands your understanding and grows your ability to “speak” the language of the other while recognizing your own blindspots and gifts inherent within your style.


Introduction to the Enneagram: 9 Paths to Presence

This co creative group is designed for those who are new and old to the Enneagram with a common purpose to use this powerful wisdom tool for self growth, exploration, and presence in a committed and supportive small group.


Cultivating the Power of our Awareness

For those interested in growing emotional awareness, compassion, inner belonging, and one’s capacity for curiosity. This 90-minute experiential workshop is designed to lay a foundation for mindfulness practice and inquiry so that you may expand upon and grow your personal practice.


Cultivating the Practice of Allowing and Acceptance

Being able to stay present with ourselves during triggering experiences is a doorway to our freedom. This 90-minute experiential workshops explores the barriers within that get in the way of our allowing and welcoming what is here through our practice of curious inquiry. Through practice our ability to respond from a greater presence to our triggers is increased.

Team Workshops

Explore how you can bring this workshop to your team.

"Summer undoubtedly has a knowledge base, deeply intuitive nature, and wisdom that has allowed me to become a believer of what the enneagram offers and promotes, which I believe is healing. I am thankful for the ways in which Summer provided me with the skills and tools to really see myself and begin to trust myself."

—Genesis Adams

"I highly recommend Summer's classes. I really value her ability to incorporate practice into her workshops and to foster open and co-creative spaces. Summer has a great way of inviting presence, and has helped me to dig into what I am noticing and use it to enhance my understanding of myself and my journey."


"Over the past 5 years I have participated in workshops and classes, in person and virtually, led by Summer. She has an amazing spirit that creates a sacred space for discovery, trust, vulnerability and acceptance. My spiritual journey and discipleship have been fueled with her by my side."

—Julie Nelson

Awareness of interpersonal relationships is in part a gift to us as we seek to understand. Getting better acquainted in who we are, how we function, where we see ourselves in relationships, I think gives us a healthier perspective of humanity. I have found that this enneagram workshop is the bow that unwraps this gift.

—Chaplain Abel Moran


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