90-minute workshop

Cultivating the Practice of Welcoming:
Practicing the Art of Allowing and Acceptance

The mindfulness practice of allowing is a simple yet challenging practice of noticing what is triggering or upsetting us and bringing a curiosity and kinetic awareness to it without numbing and distracting behaviors or judging it. It is a practice of actively noticing, allowing, and letting go of the thoughts and feelings that support the egoic operating or false self system. There will be a short teaching about what the practice of allowing is and what it is not. This will be experiential engagement of inquiry for you to experience this practice for yourself and time for Q and A.

Practicing the “art of allowing” increases our ability to decrease our internal and external reactivity. Furthering our ability to respond to ourselves and others from a space of grounded awareness and sensitivity. This practice grows our ability to welcome what is happening in our experience. Psychiatrist Carl Jung stated that what we repress within or project out is what has power over us. Being able to stay present with ourselves during triggering experiences is a doorway to our freedom.

"Summer undoubtedly has a knowledge base, deeply intuitive nature, and wisdom that has allowed me to become a believer of what the enneagram offers and promotes, which I believe is healing. I am thankful for the ways in which Summer provided me with the skills and tools to really see myself and begin to trust myself."

—Genesis Adams

"I highly recommend Summer's classes. I really value her ability to incorporate practice into her workshops and to foster open and co-creative spaces. Summer has a great way of inviting presence, and has helped me to dig into what I am noticing and use it to enhance my understanding of myself and my journey."


"Over the past 5 years I have participated in workshops and classes, in person and virtually, led by Summer. She has an amazing spirit that creates a sacred space for discovery, trust, vulnerability and acceptance. My spiritual journey and discipleship have been fueled with her by my side."

—Julie Nelson

Awareness of interpersonal relationships is in part a gift to us as we seek to understand. Getting better acquainted in who we are, how we function, where we see ourselves in relationships, I think gives us a healthier perspective of humanity. I have found that this enneagram workshop is the bow that unwraps this gift.

—Chaplain Abel Moran


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