One-on-One  Coaching
Sessions with Summer

Summer is a trained and licensed clinical therapist who pulls together over 17 years of experience from her healing arts, mindfulness, somatic, spiritual, and Enneagram training to work with you.

We all benefit from coaching and a neutral and listening presence in our lives. The gift of connecting with  someone who listens deeply beneath your spoken words and provides deep insight is invaluable.  

Summer specializes in cultivating empowerment through emotional intelligence and insight that ensures clients overcome any self-imposed limitations to achieve their goals and move forward to a more fulfilling life.

You may want to consider coaching if you:

  • Want to increase your emotional intelligence and resilience for happier relationships with partner, children, family, friends, and co-workers
  • Want to break through into more alive and dynamic ways of being.
  • Move beyond limiting patterns, beliefs, and behaviors.
  • Curious about exploring the Enneagram as a path of self discovery and greater presence.
  • Want to move beyond your resistance and expand ways of relating to your inner critic and inertia. Begin to reframe your triggers as "teachers" to see what has you disempowered and move into greater freedom.

Summer draws upon a variety of tools to bring clarity, realign, and awaken your inner guidance, creativity, and aliveness.   

Sessions in general are 55-70mins in length

Sliding scale honor system ($125 $150, $180) based on income.

Learn more about one-on-one coaching sessions with Summer.

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