3-hour workshop

Introduction to the Enneagram: 9 Paths to Presence

Have you ever wondered:

“The Enneagram, is not about fixing who we think we are. It is about inviting us into the Palace of who we really are” —Russ Hudson

How can the Enneagram be a tool to help me develop emotional intelligence and compassion? How can it be used as a map for self discovery?

How can it help me notice my limiting behaviors, triggers, and reactions and invite me to greater freedom of response through growing my awareness?

What are the 9 personality types and how does each type view and react to the world? How can “seeing” the filter of my personality fuel my path for inner freedom?

Embodied Intelligence invites you to explore these questions above as we offer an engaging introduction to the Enneagram. Discover how the Enneagram is a powerful tool in uncovering the barriers we have within to our wholeness and True Self and how it can be used as a tool to reinforce our stereotypes and ego strategies and defenses.

In this introductory offering, we will cover the following:
• Defining the Enneagram
• Exploring the 3 centers of intelligence (Body, Heart and Mind)
• Examining the Nine personality types and looking at how each views and reacts to the world
• Experiential practices to grow awareness and emotional intelligence

"Summer undoubtedly has a knowledge base, deeply intuitive nature, and wisdom that has allowed me to become a believer of what the enneagram offers and promotes, which I believe is healing. I am thankful for the ways in which Summer provided me with the skills and tools to really see myself and begin to trust myself."

—Genesis Adams

"I highly recommend Summer's classes. I really value her ability to incorporate practice into her workshops and to foster open and co-creative spaces. Summer has a great way of inviting presence, and has helped me to dig into what I am noticing and use it to enhance my understanding of myself and my journey."


"Over the past 5 years I have participated in workshops and classes, in person and virtually, led by Summer. She has an amazing spirit that creates a sacred space for discovery, trust, vulnerability and acceptance. My spiritual journey and discipleship have been fueled with her by my side."

—Julie Nelson

Awareness of interpersonal relationships is in part a gift to us as we seek to understand. Getting better acquainted in who we are, how we function, where we see ourselves in relationships, I think gives us a healthier perspective of humanity. I have found that this enneagram workshop is the bow that unwraps this gift.

—Chaplain Abel Moran


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