2.5-hour workshop

Increasing Conflict Resolution Skills through the Enneagram

The Harmonic Triad can help us know our “language” around conflict resolution and speak the “language” of the other styles and has the capacity to help us transform our conflicts into deep understanding

“The Harmonic Groups tell us how we cope with conflict and difficulty: how we respond when we do not get what we want. … They reveal the fundamental way that our personality defends against loss and disappointment.”The Wisdom of the Enneagram by Riso & Hudson

Harmonic Groups connect numbers 9, 2, and 7 - the “Positive Outlook” group; numbers 1, 3, and 5 - the “Competency” group; and numbers 4, 6, and 8 - the “Reactive” group.

In this workshop we will explore each of these harmonic groups in the following ways:
• How does knowing your harmonic group impact your handling conflict in personal and professional relationships?
• What are the strengths and the blind spots for your harmonic group?
• Reflections on bringing balance to your coping style

In today’s polarized and politically charged environment, these skills are greatly needed to bring more compassion to ourselves and others as well as increase our capacity to find common ground in the midst of conflict. *This is for the beginner and advanced Enneagram student. It is an introductory look at the Harmonic Triad. Having a basic understanding of the 9 types would be helpful to understanding the content in this workshop.

"Summer undoubtedly has a knowledge base, deeply intuitive nature, and wisdom that has allowed me to become a believer of what the enneagram offers and promotes, which I believe is healing. I am thankful for the ways in which Summer provided me with the skills and tools to really see myself and begin to trust myself."

—Genesis Adams

"I highly recommend Summer's classes. I really value her ability to incorporate practice into her workshops and to foster open and co-creative spaces. Summer has a great way of inviting presence, and has helped me to dig into what I am noticing and use it to enhance my understanding of myself and my journey."


"Over the past 5 years I have participated in workshops and classes, in person and virtually, led by Summer. She has an amazing spirit that creates a sacred space for discovery, trust, vulnerability and acceptance. My spiritual journey and discipleship have been fueled with her by my side."

—Julie Nelson

Awareness of interpersonal relationships is in part a gift to us as we seek to understand. Getting better acquainted in who we are, how we function, where we see ourselves in relationships, I think gives us a healthier perspective of humanity. I have found that this enneagram workshop is the bow that unwraps this gift.

—Chaplain Abel Moran


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