Hi, I'm Summer!

I resonate with the words of clinical researcher, Brene Brown:

“We cultivate love when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known, and when we honor the spiritual connection that grows from that offering with trust, respect, kindness and affection.”

As a teacher and facilitator, I value learning environments supported by compassion and curiosity. Compassion, curiosity, and vulnerability are important “ingredients” to create fertile soil for growth and development.

I believe when we relate to ourselves MORE compassionately, we are more likely to connect with others in kind. We can bravely examine our wounds and the limited narratives that keep us from greater presence and tapping into our greater capacities.

I see myself as a lifelong student – and creative facilitator. I’m fascinated WITH humans, our development, the nature of reality, spirituality, and meaning. And I’m passionate about creating spaces for others to also explore their inner landscape.


My approach to teaching is providing context through mini teachings and experiential practices, which help to bring the learning alive so it can “land” within.

I get excited about catalyzing group learning and supporting participants in their journeys toward inner wisdom and guidance. My work revolves around co-creating learning and transformative environments.

I’m passionate about authentic relating, inquiry, mindfulness, somatic work, and exploring presence through personal and relational context. I deeply trust that Love is experienced through relatedness with oneself, others, and the Universe. I also believe that inner guidance is available to all humans, however our work is not to “achieve” this, but rather begin to “notice” all the barriers and limited paradigms that keep us from experiencing this reality. It is a surrendering model of growth.

I am a daughter, wife, mother, sister, friend, and fellow human being who, like you, has my own gifts and growth areas. I love to offer my vulnerable presence, creativity, and knowledge that my curiosity and drive for healing has led me too. I hold sacred the privilege to explore, play, and be with you on your growth journey. I mention “play” because when we are doing inner work and exploring embodied intelligence, it is helpful to cultivate our curious and playful inner child and bring a lighthearted quality with us. It’s in the spirit of play that we most fully engage and learn.

I cannot wait to explore, play, and be with you as you move towards deeper emotional and embodied intelligence. In working with me, you'll embark on a growth journey and cultivate your curious inner child. I’m here to journey with you towards the life you seek – and to dynamically live into my own experience of transformation with you.

My journey has been enriched by a diverse array of teachers, including Dr. Tara Brach, A.H. Almaas, Carl Jung, Dr. Dan Siegel, Dr. Gabor Mate, Fr. Richard Rohr, Rev. Cynthia Bourgeault, Francis Weller, Russ Hudson, Elder Malidoma Some, Maya Luna, Linda Thai, Phillip Shepherd, Dr. Anodea Judith, Dr. Daniel Foor, as well as the writings of mystics from various traditions. Their wisdom has shaped my understanding and approach to my work.

Invite me to facilitate your group or organization, or to conduct a team workshop for you.

Seasoned Facilitator and Coach

After spending 17 years as a licensed mental health clinician, my passion has shifted from  one-on-one therapy to bringing the Healing Arts into a variety of different in-person and online experiences.  

I like working with transformative modalities and enjoy the larger and creative context that emerges outside of traditional mental health counseling. I focus on perennial wisdom, teachings from cutting edge clinical researchers and psychologists, the Enneagram, and somatic and mindfulness practices.

I have lead workshops for non profits, churches, spoke at the Triad Coaching Connection, and love being on faculty with The Second Breath Center. For the last 2 years I have conducted an Enneagram training for the Chaplain Residents at Cone Health. This 15-hour workshop is conducted over 5 weeks and is designed to give participants the space they need to absorb teachings and apply them to their professional callings and personal lives.

At Embodied Intelligence, I’m excited to create a similar experience for you, to disperse this  wisdom into the larger community.

Licensed Psychoterapist and Credentials

With a dual degree in Interpersonal Communication Studies and History from UNC Chapel Hill and a Seminary Masters degree in Integration of Theology and Community Mental Health, my workshops, groups, and teaching methodology are inspired by the intersection of psychology, spirituality, and neuroscience.  

In working as a clinical therapist, I learned early that working with one’s body is  foundational for creating healing and anchors ourselves to our inner guidance and systems  of support. The body is the pathway to being present and being in communion with the  world around us.

I study embodiment intelligence with expert Phillip Shepherd and have completed three years of training in Conscious Connected Breathwork. Having learned to embrace the power of my own breath, I’m honored to facilitate individual and group retreats/training to bring this experience to others!  


As a student of the Enneagram for over ten years, I completed my training under the  tutelage of world-renowned Enneagram expert, Russ Hudson, at the Enneagram Institute in NY in 2019. 

In addition, I have served as a core faculty member at The Second Breath Center in Greensboro, NC. There, I am honored to foster the incredible vision of this organization through teaching classes that intersect psychology and spiritually and by facilitating Enneagram and Breath workshops.  

Launching Embodied Intelligence is the next manifestation of my spiritual and professional  passion. At Embodied Intelligence, I’m thrilled to build upon all of this work and offer spaces to discover whole hearted living.

Embodied Intelligence Mission Statement

Embodied Intelligence mission is to create a safe and supportive space and community where we can examine old limiting narratives and re imagine, explore, and discover for ourselves a story where LOVE is the protagonist.

At Embodied Intelligence, we use a variety of tools and practices, and draw upon perennial wisdom traditions to invite you into this Great Love Story.

With like hearted seekers we explore the barriers within us and welcome home our shadow and orphaned parts within. We’ll bravely look at what we project onto others, and we’ll examine our world view, including our limiting beliefs and old stories that no longer serve us. We will invite you to uncover a fierce orientation that’s rooted in self-love.

We’ll help you tap into yourself, into your vulnerable inner space, and you’ll begin to experience the reality of what Wisdom Traditions have been saying all along: LOVE is our greatest reality.

As you begin to reorient to this story through an attuned body, receptive heart, and open mind, we’ll move through the challenges of our time with awareness and engaged action. We’ll become co-creative with this radical protagonist that is Love. We’ll unearth possibility and give voice to this force, allowing it to move through us out into the world.

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