Local Community for Embodied Spiritual Practice

A monthly in person group to nurture inward awakening and vitality through guided facilitated practice in like hearted community

                This is a FREE monthly community of embodied practice

2nd Saturday of every month

Location at Broome Hall at Holy Trinity Church Campus

607 Greene St. Greensboro NC 27401


"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it." -Rumi

This is not an Embodied Intelligence offering, however I am a participant and facilitator within this community. The community is made up of professionals and lay people who are committed to embodied spiritual practices for inner work.  

I am excited to share with you about this free monthly gathering, as we turn our attention to soul nourishing embodied practices to develop our inner awakening, vitality, and compassion for self and the world.  We are a growing community of people who are committed to embodied practices that helps us live from a more alive, authentic, and integrated way of being. We seek to live from a more curious, receptive, aligned, and attuned self and feel supported when gathering in community to practice. 

These monthly practices are intended to provide a safe space and to nurture us through practices that bring us into deeper presence with ourselves and others. These practices develop a "coming home" to one's self. We believe everyone has an inner healer and inner wisdom and these practices are designed to help us experience what gets in our way and also integrate what has felt "separate" back into the wholeness of our being. 

-This group is inclusive and seeks to welcome people of any gender identity or expression, race, ethnicity, size, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, and political opinion.

1/14:  *Conscious Connected Breathing Practice led by Susan Griffin

2/11:  Embodied Practices based on the work of embodiedment expert Philip Shepherd led by Rev. Dr. John de Beer

3/11:  Occupying and Integrating our 3 centers of Intelligence (Body, Heart, Mind) led by David Harold LCSW

4/8:  Canceled due to the holiday weekend.

5/13:  *Conscious Connected Breath Practice led by Summer Estes LCMHC

6/10:  Embodied Practices based on the work of embodiment expert Philip Shepherd led by Rev.  Dr. John de Beer

7/8:    No meeting due to July 4th week holiday.

8/12:   Embodied practice led by John de Beer

9/9:    *Conscious Connected Breath practice led by Summer Estes

10/14: Embodied practice led by John de Beer

11/11:   No Community practice

12/9:  *Conscious Connected Breath practice led by Summer Estes


*These breath practices require previous breath work, or at least one guided facilitated session by Susan or Summer. Please email them with questions to see about your participation in this month's practice.

Please email us with any questions.

Participation is FREE, but we do request a reservation so we can plan and communicate any possible things you may find helpful to bring before each session (ie. for example a water bottle or mat for breath practices)

Register below.


Summer Estes, MA, LCMHC, is a licensed psychotherapist, founder of Embodied-Intelligence, and has a special interest in deep inner work that integrates both somatic and mindfulness practices.  Summer loves to create co-creative learning and healing environments. She has been on faculty with the wisdom school, The Second Breath Center, and has led many inner work workshops with organizations including Cone Health and Compass Greensboro.  She has worked in the healing arts for over 15 years.

To learn more about Summer click here


The Rev. Dr. John de Beer has for decades been a pioneer of adult faith formation programs, most notably the Education for Ministry Program at the University of the South where he has been training mentors and trainers since 1977, and the Leadership Development Initiative – Transforming parish teams through spiritual practice, community organizing and local action.

He retired from parish ministry in 2016, leaving him more time to integrate contemporary embodiment practice with ancient forms of spirituality. He draws deeply from Philip Shepherd's work on The Embodied Presence Process. The twentieth century mystic, Evelyn Underhill, expresses John’s approach: 

Our whole life is to be poised on a certain glad expectancy of God.

To email John  click here

How to Register

1.)   Please contact us with any questions.

2.)  Please EMAIL US HERE  and let us know your best contact email address and which month(s) you plan to attend (ideally giving us a 24-48 hour notice).

3.)  Please read through our group agreements we keep to create safe community.

"Summer undoubtedly has a knowledge base, deeply intuitive nature, and wisdom that has allowed me to become a believer of what the enneagram offers and promotes, which I believe is healing. I am thankful for the ways in which Summer provided me with the skills and tools to really see myself and begin to trust myself."

—Genesis Adams

"I highly recommend Summer's classes. I really value her ability to incorporate practice into her workshops and to foster open and co-creative spaces. Summer has a great way of inviting presence, and has helped me to dig into what I am noticing and use it to enhance my understanding of myself and my journey."


"Over the past 5 years I have participated in workshops and classes, in person and virtually, led by Summer. She has an amazing spirit that creates a sacred space for discovery, trust, vulnerability and acceptance. My spiritual journey and discipleship have been fueled with her by my side."

—Julie Nelson

Awareness of interpersonal relationships is in part a gift to us as we seek to understand. Getting better acquainted in who we are, how we function, where we see ourselves in relationships, I think gives us a healthier perspective of humanity. I have found that this enneagram workshop is the bow that unwraps this gift.

—Chaplain Abel Moran


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