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Looking for community, clarity, inspiration, and accountability to a practice? Me too!

Come and join our growing community of practice where we offer a weekly offering to nourish your inner development and to engage with others in like hearted community.

Studies show we grow and are more likely to stay committed to a practice when we feel supported and apart of a community of practice.

You will find teachings and practices that cultivate and develop inner growth and well being. You will also find a space for engagement and to be inspired on your inner journey and alignment with your True Self. This online community is designed to give a few offerings a month to support you through embodied meditation practices. All offerings are designed to be  engaging, supportive, grow inner wisdom, self awareness, and compassion.

Signs of not inhabiting the intelligence of our body, heart, and mind:

  • Going through the motions of daily life feeling numb or checked out
  • Running around (picture a chicken with its head cut off) doing and reacting to things in your daily life
  • Over or under eating-not picking up on body cues/sensations of feeling full or feeling hungry
  • Feeling guilty when you are not busy
  • Feeling empty, lonely, or depressed
  • Our "buttons" get pushed easily by others
  • Emotionally reacting to others and within to our internal narratives and dramas
  • Feeling anxious and lots of mental chatter and noise
  • Lacking a sense of trust in one's inner guidance

Across the wisdom traditions, wisdom teachers point to human beings having a True Self within, but in our ordinary awareness can go largely unnoticed. When we are operating from one center of intelligence our  false self or ego self does it's best to protect us and give us a sense of security, esteem, and control. We form limiting habits and beliefs that keeps us stuck in our defensive patterns.  Just like we go to the gym to develop our physical bodies, we must create space and practices to develop all three centers of intelligence and unfold more and more into alignment with our True Self.

We look forward to growing together!

Once you subscribe, you can cancel at anytime.

Please email [email protected] for more information or to get on our list to know when we will be kicking off our 1st month!

We offer a free 14-day trial.

I created this community of practice out of my own desire to create supportive community for those interested in cultivating a meaningful inner life that also outpours into an impactful outer life.

The poet Hafiz writes, "How did the rose ever open its heart and give this world all of its beauty? It felt the encouragement of light against its being, otherwise we all remain too frightened."

Let us be a light for each others journey.

How Does It Work?

See our monthly Calendar to decide which events you are able to attend via zoom link. Can’t make something live? Our Enneagram classes and somatic and mindfulness practices will be recorded.

Subscribers receive access to:

  • Bi-monthly 50 minute wisdom circle that includes guided embodied practice and sharing.
  • Once a quarter 60-90 minute Enneagram topic teaching with Q & A and practice
  • Occasional guest professionals (expert in their fields) sharing on relevant tools and teachings for inner growth as well as facilitation of guided somatic and mindful practices.


  • Location Independent: You can access and participate from the comfort of your home! All practices will be conducted through zoom. The Enneagram teaching and Q & A , and the somatic and mindfulness practices will be recorded and sent to your inbox if unable to attend live.

The intention of this monthly subscription is to build community and engagement as you cultivate the intelligence of your body, heart, and mind. To offer a "touch stone" during your week to practice in community, to engage with others, to ask questions of the facilitator and the wisdom of the group, and to share struggles and celebrations along the way.

We invite you to Practice, Grow, and Connect with our growing community!

We will  feature other professional facilitators, teachers, body workers, psychotherapist, and spiritual directors. See Calendar for schedule of events, event description, and facilitator.

We invite you to Practice, Grow, and Connect with our growing community!

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"Over the past 5 years I have participated in workshops and classes, in person and virtually, led by Summer. She has an amazing spirit that creates a sacred space for discovery, trust, vulnerability and acceptance. My spiritual journey and discipleship have been fueled with her by my side."

—Julie Nelson

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